December 27-28, 2014


The Bride of Christ
Revelation 21:2, 9-12, 15-16
Ephesians 5:25-27
Hunter Headley

  • In Revelation, we learn that _____ are the bride of Christ. This means that the __________ Church is the bride. 

  • Are we __________ like the bride of Christ?

  • Are we __________ the church like the bride of Christ?


Quick Review:

Looking back at your notes from this week’s teaching, was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged or confused you?

Digging Deeper:

  1. Do you think that being the bride of Christ comes with responsibilities? 

  2. What are those responsibilities? 

  3. Read Revelation 21, what does this make you think of?  

  4. As a man or woman, how is it that we can represent Christ more accurately? Can you give real examples?



We would like to welcome our own Director of Student Ministries, Hunter Headley, as our speaker this weekend. If you are visiting, we want to extend a special welcome to you and invite you to an informal reception immediately following our worship service. On Saturday, Hunter will be available in the Celebration Center, and on Sunday, he and his wife, Lauren, will meet you at the Welcome Center in the entryway.


Joe Fowler (a cyber-agent investigating hackers) will be leading The Gathering in January at 9:00 AM in the Fellowship Hall. We will take a look at how we can protect our children and elderly parents from scams and internet attacks. 


The playground is officially open! Feel free to allow your children to play on the equipment this weekend. We are still awaiting a gate installation, so just be aware that the area is not yet fully enclosed. Thank you to the men who gave of their time to make this happen. We are blessed!


As 2014 comes to a close, we celebrate our Savior’s birth and praise our Father for every good and perfect gift. We reflect on the great things happening at Aspen Ridge Church and need to remember those who unselfishly serve us week in and week out. We will be collecting a love offering during these last weeks of December and then present a gift to the staff as an expression of our appreciation. Please note “Staff Gift” on your check, and place it in the offering by the end of December.


This holiday season finds us making exciting upgrades to our facility. These upgrades are in the spirit of creating inviting spaces and taking good care of our campus. Included among these are a new playground ($13,000) and newly-carpeted Celebration Center ($45,000). As you consider your year-end giving, would you please consider a special gift to help fund these facility expenses, as well as our ongoing operating costs? If you would like to give online, you can do so from our website.


We will be having our next baptism weekend on January 10-11. If you are interested in participating, there will be a required orientation meeting during the weekend prior, Saturday at 5:00 PM or Sunday at 9:00 AM. We will also have a parent/child dedication weekend on January 17-18. Please contact the church office to discuss this opportunity.


DV8 Student Ministries are skating the Evergreen Lake again this year on New Year’s Eve! We will have a shuttle running from Aspen Ridge Church to the lake beginning at 8:00 PM and will end our evening at the church at midnight. All middle school and high school students are welcome!


Several of our regular events will have modified schedules for the holidays. If you are involved in any of our various groups outside of regular services, please contact your event lead to verify the December calendar for your group. We will also continue to update the online calendar as requests are made.


Our dates for VBS in the summer of 2015 will be June 8-12. Our theme is “Jump In,” a high energy, praise-loaded, custom curriculum featuring Go Fish. Please mark your calendars and begin to pray for this exciting community outreach event!


Aspen Ridge Church has affirmative statements about what we believe. These help us articulate which issues are central to our faith and which issues are secondary in importance. This 2015 series will provide an occasion to promote Christian doctrine and biblical theology.  It will also give us an occasion to reinforce our commitment to our movement…Converge Worldwide and its statement of faith. We will offer sermon-based small groups alongside this ten-week series, watch for sign-ups!