April 6-7, 2013


Listen online to the message from this week and follow along with the sermon notes:

  • Do you know anyone who has been burned by religion or the church? Jesus wants to heal the spiritually burned, and wants to use us to bring healing to the world.
  • The one who is physically blind receives new eyes to see (vv 6-7)
  • The spiritually blind prove just how blind they are (vv 13-25)
  • The one with new eyes to see gets burned (vv 26-34)
  • The Healer seeks out the spiritually burned (vv 35-41)


What works well in marriage and what does not? Each Sunday in April different couples from Aspen Ridge will discuss what they have found strengthens their marriage as well as pitfalls to avoid. These couples will include those with a wide breadth of experience and knowledge. The Gathering meets in room 104 downstairs during the 9:00 AM hour. 


Our new teaching series in the spring months is entitled, "Healing for the Spiritually Burned." We will look at how people have become disenfranchised with the local church, and how the answers to that dilemma are wrapped up in John 10.


We are now accepting sign-ups for our spring small groups. These will begin the second week of April and coordinate with our message series entitled “Healing for the Spiritually Burned.” Please refer to the small group insert in your bulletin or the website


Pastor Jeff will lead an “exploring membership” gathering on Sunday, April 14th at 3:00 PM at Aspen Ridge. This is a great opportunity to get to know more about our church and others who are interested in folding into the life of our church. Whether or not you are ready to take the step of membership, this would be a valuable gathering to attend. 


Our new teaching series in the spring months will be entitled “Healing for the Spiritually Burned.” This will be a look at how people have become disenfranchised with the local church, and how the answers to that dilemma are wrapped up in the 10th Chapter of the Gospel of John. 


Aspen Ridge Church is seeking a part-time Office Manager. We will be accepting resumes through April 10, 2013. Click here for more information. 


Are you a graduating senior? Do you know a graduating senior? If so, please send those names to Pastor Casey via the church office.


Our new Saturday PM Service is up and running. We invite you to join us for a more informal time of worship through song, giving, discussions and preaching. Nursery, preschool and children’s worship are available. 


If you haven't seen our updated website, why not take a few minutes to check it out this week? We are working hard to keep it current with church news and blog posts from the pastoral staff, along with upcoming series, small group and calendar info. If you miss the bulletin, you can catch up online at AspenRidgeChurch.org! We also have a Facebook page where you can keep up with things like closures, videos and pictures. "Like" our page at Facebook.com/AspenRidgeChurch. This is one more way we can continue to reach out to our neighbors!


Vacation Bible School is June 17-21 from 8:45 AM - 12:00 PM. The theme is Go Fish's "Gotta Move," designed to give children an understanding of what it means to be a Christian and to walk with God. Through each lesson children will see that God provides everything we need to be close to Him. He does require a response, however–having faith means that we Gotta Move! The fun is not just for kids, though. We need special people to volunteer for this exciting week of ministering to children. Those who want to be a part of the adventure can sign up at the VBS table in the lobby!


Who: Middle School students 
When: April 19-21 
Where: Frontier Ranch near Buena Vista, CO 
Cost: $50 deposit due by April 13; total cost is $150 
What to Bring: Bible, swimming suit, clothes to get dirty 
Get ready to get flung! Scholarships may be available for those who need them. See Pastor Casey for details.


A deposit of $75 is due next Sunday, April 14, for the Middle School and High School Students who are going on the trip this summer. Limited space is available. See Pastor Casey for details!


Norm Lewis and Jay Johnson have an opportunity to come alongside existing Converge projects in Uganda, Africa. This outreach project will strengthen the outreach of Christian churches in the region by repairing damaged wells. If you would like to help support this trip, you may do so by indicating “Africa Trip” on a check or donation. 


John Colvin, Mentawai Venture, Indonesia

• Praise God for safety, providential rides and inexpensive accommodations during the six clinics on Sipora, where they saw 351 patients and treated no one with malaria, probably due to improved roads to the hospital.
• Pray for the next trip to Seberut, to the interior of the island. Mentawai Venture specializes in malaria, cholera and typhoid fever, so they are needed there more.
• Pray for the continuing visits to an orphanage and clinics in Rosarito Beach, Mexico.


  1. Do you know anyone who has been burned by religion? Why do you think this happens?
  2. Give some reasons why the Pharisees completely blocked out the wonderful miracle the blind man experienced. Apply some of those reasons for the "blindness" we may have toward those who are being touched by Jesus.
  3. Jesus had words of judgment for those blind religious leaders. Note John 9:39-41 and discuss what Jesus said.
  4. How can we, as a church, bring healing to the spiritually burned?