Easter Weekend

Celebrate With Us!

Join us as we celebrate the season from Good Friday to Easter Sunday. Don't let this be a "hollow" holiday! Read More.

New Attitude

NOT "Business As Usual"

 Over the next few weeks, everyone who is a part of Aspen Ridge Church will be given an opportunity to respond to God’s calling toward service.  Read More.

Date Night

Support Student Ministry

DV8 Student Ministry will be hosting another night of babysitting for Date Night on April 25 from 5:00 - 9:00 PM. Read More.



In the winter months I generally choose a book to sink into and really absorb. This winter I read a condensed version of The Diaries of Lord Moran. It is a book about Winston Churchill written by his doctor and close friend.

"I appeal to you therefore, brothers and sisters, by the mercies of God…" Romans 12:1

A few weeks ago I was visiting my dear friend, Dr. David Mathewson, at Denver Seminary.  On my way out the door he advised me that the library was giving away books.  If nothing else I am a sucker for good books, especially ones that are free.  So I filled my arms with books and walked away, smiling that I would have reading material for months.

The biblical view of work and rest is almost like the relationship between sound and silence in music.  If all you have is sound, it isn’t called music, it is called noise.  It irritates rather than blesses. 

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Annual Community Easter Egg Hunt

Join us on Saturday night or Sunday morning to hear about upcoming events!

Hollow: A look at the empty tomb, and the fullness received through Jesus.

Drop off the kids, enjoy a date night with your spouse and support student ministry…all at the same time!

We'll take care of the kids…you go enjoy a night off!