Easter 2017

April 15/16

"Christ died for our sins, according to the Scriptures." So what? What does that mean for our lives? Join us during Easter weekend to hear how the resurrection impacts our lives today. Read more.

Small Groups

Sign-Ups Begin this month

A new session of small groups will begin in April, with sign-ups in the lobby taking place at the end of March. If you've been considering a small group, perhaps this would be a good time to start! Check out the available listings and register online, if you'd like!

Tell Others the story

we'd love to hear from you

Have you had an opportunity recently to tell the greatest story ever told to a friend or neighbor? Drop us a line and let us know how to rejoice with and pray for you. 



Imagine for a moment that you’re inviting someone to your home that you have been trying to connect with for a long time, and they finally agree. Maybe it’s even an author or public speaker or an actor that you have long-admired, and now you have the chance to have them in your home! 

On the occasion of a candidate weekend (January 14/15) for our search team’s recommendation for Director of Student Ministry, I thought I would describe a handful of convictions about how we discern God’s leading in an important matter like this. It cannot be stated too strongly that a decision about how we support our students toward the fulfillment of our vision is vital to the health of Aspen Ridge for our present and our future ministry.

I will never forget as a young man coming to learn about the Christian faith. I had a background with some exposure to religion. I intuitively knew that God existed. I knew something about his holiness and his law.  I also knew that I fell short, and this led to a guilt issue that wouldn’t go away.

One thing that comes coming up again and again as I continue my life-long education in art is that “story” seems to show up everywhere.  

Recent News


The current tenants will be moving out of the "Parsonage" rental property that is owned by Aspen Ridge in mid-January.

DV8’s White Elephant Christmas Party will be held during student ministry times on December 14 for middle school and December 15 for high school.

We will be collecting a love offering during these last weeks of December and then will present a gift to the staff as an expression of our appreciation.

Boxes are due back on or before November 13!

Our next Baptism weekend is scheduled for January 7/8. If you are interested in participating, please contact the church office to sign up for an orientation meeting with Pastor Jeff.